La Sportiva Mountain Running® Team Partners

La Sportiva places a high value on our business relationships and partnerships that give an overall benefit to the outdoor industry. By working with our partners we will create a committed team that can make a positive difference on the environment and in communities. Our goal is to create a harmonious relationship between our business, our business partners and the environment in order to provide an inviting industry for outdoor enthusiasts ranging from the most experienced to beginners.



The concept of the headlamp seems so obvious today. However, in 1972 when Petzl invented the first headlamp, the idea of attaching the lamp and the battery case to a headband was very innovative: by freeing the hands, any activity could be carried out thanks to a beam of light that remained oriented in the direction the wearer was looking. Today, the Petzl range of headlamps, by its innovations and by its diversity responds to the demands of numerous situations, from the most extreme (caving, mountaineering, etc...) to everyday needs. From an arctic expedition to the glove box of a car, from ultra marathons to ski-mountaineering, or even reading in the hut, Petzl's expertise lights the way where ever you go.

Native Eyewear

Native Eyewear is a Denver-based sunglass and goggle company offering products that elevate your vision – whether you’re clocking hundreds of miles on a bike or sending route at your local crag. Combining ultra-lightweight frames with hardcore technical features from polarized lenses and Cushional™ nose and temple grips to a patented venting system, every pair of Natives will keep you focused and clear, no matter what your next adventure is.

Leslie Jordan Apparel Design & Mfg Co.

Leslie Jordan, Inc. is not just a supplier, they are an apparel partner with a top priority to create a solution for your event that exceeds all expectations. With an deep understanding of the many stresses of organizing events, Leslie Jordan focuses on the  goal of making the process of outfitting your race the least of your worries.  By listening to your needs, tracking market trends, developing patterns, testing the garments, milling the fabric, designing, manufacturing and delivering on time, it's not only about providing great products at unbeatable prices, it's about making your event a smashing success, and giving your athletes something they will be proud to wear!!