Leather/Synthetic Lowdown

Our hiking, backpacking and mountain boots use only the best leathers available. We hand-craft our boots using old-world traditions and high-tech components to provide the finest technical outdoor footwear available. We could use cheap leathers and cut corners, but we think that making boots in the Italian Dolomites, our way, makes a better boot. Most of our boots feature a one-piece leather upper which creates the highest level of water impermeability and durability. A few of our boots like the Trango Plus and the Storm GTX use a multi-piece construction in order to achieve a specific technical performance quality. We use several different leathers created specifically for La Sportiva to meet the rigid design specifications for each model.

ANFIBIO (2.5-2.8 mm) Extremely water repellent full-grain leather with the grain layer, or top-grain, facing out. A special tanning process is used for optimal water resistance.

LORICA A synthetic leather that is constructed from extremely small micro-fibers for a water-repellant, breathable and highly durable material.

IDRO-PERWANGER (2.8-3.2+ mm) This premium silicone impregnated rough-out leather is made for us by Perwanger Leather of Italy. Perwanger has been making leather in the Southern Tyrol region of Italy since 1780 and tans their Idro-Perwanger hides with a special process to make them extremely water repellent while still remaining breathable. This leather is the most durable available and is made from the corium, the strongest part of the leather.

NUBUCK (2.8-2.9 mm) Very supple and full-grain, the top-grain is micro-abraded for a soft finish of close fibered and water resisting leather. Because the grain layer is sanded, this leather accepts water repellent formulas very easily.

LEATHER (1.0-2.0 mm) Leather with a buffed surface in varying degrees of nap, from fine to coarse brushed. This leather is used in our rock shoes where sensitivity and breathability are most important.