Boot Care Guidelines

General Guidelines for Boot Care

Treat the leather on the outside of your boots- If applicable, treat the leather on the inside of your boots as well

  • Use a seam sealer for extreme conditions
  • Pay attention to seams and rivets when waterproofing
  • Clean your boots after each use and re-treat as needed
  • Allow boots to air dry- Do not use a heat source
  • Take boots to a knowledgeable cobbler for repairs

What should I use to treat my new boots?

  • For a general purpose waterproofing product, we have found that Nikwax Aqueous Wax Leather Waterproofing performs the best
  • Re-apply this product as necessary or after every use in severe conditions
  • We also recommend that you occasionally condition the leather Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather
  • It is possible to use petroleum-based products too much, so apply only occasionally
  • A seam sealer will also help to keep water out
  • Please note these products may darken the color of the leather

What if my boots are Gore-Tex?

  • We recommend treating the leather on your Gore-Tex boots the same as you would on any other leather boot
  • The durable waterproofness of the Gore-Tex membrane is not affected by leather conditioners, silicone, oil or shoe polish