Emily Harrington

Age: 26, Years climbing: 15, Hometown: Squaw Valley, CA, Favorite product: SOLUTION


Do you clip bolts, plug cams, stack pads, or crush ice?

I consider myself an expert bolt clipper and a so-so pad stacker. I'm sort of a gumby at plugging cams and crushing ice, but over the past few years I've developed an insatiable desire to learn how to do it all and therefore I'm throwing myself at all of it.

How long have you been an athlete with La Sportiva?

Tricky question. Since I was 11 years old, but I left for 3 years in order to find myself and sort out my feelings and then came crawling back when I realized what I was missing. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder :)

What are some of your lifetime climbing goals?

1. Try hard all the time, everyday, no matter what. End every climbing day knowing I gave everything I had. 2. Learn to be good at every kind of climbing (or at least competent). 3. Travel everywhere and anywhere. See as much of the world as I can, hopefully using climbing as my vehicle. 4. I want to be a climber for the rest of my life.

Do you have a claim to fame?

I finally get to tell people on airplanes "yes, I have done Everest!" when they ask after I tell them I'm a professional climber.

Do you have any vices?

I like to drink beer before the climbing day ends. And I don't like to be alone. I think it's a weakness.

What makes you tick as a climber and in the real world?

Pushing myself to learn more and be better in climbing and in life and seeing my friends do the same. The realization that I will probably never be satisfied or settled but it's always worth searching for and being grateful that I have the opportunity to do what I love every single day.

What drives you to climb? The money? The groupies? The fame? What?

All of it. It's so sick how many Instagram followers I have now! I also love the glorious and astoundingly beautiful places climbing takes me to, one of my personal favorites being the Himalaya in Nepal. I've been twice and desperately want to go back.

What is your favorite movie?

Anything with Jake Gyllenhaal. He's my celebrity crush.

Do you have any nicknames? Explain:

Lots of people call me lots of different things: Em, Embo, Emsmelly, blondie. My teammates on Everest called me Em "Bahini" which means "little sister". They still call me that now.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? Why?

Can't think of a particular time, but I suck at sleeping most of the time (except when I'm at home, which is not very often).

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

California. I just moved here. I think I annoy everyone back in Boulder because I can't stop talking about what an awesome state it is. We have the beach AND mountains!!!!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

I got home from Spain at 3 am yesterday morning. We slept until 11 and then to celebrate our return to America we went out for brunch at a diner. I had a sausage and cheese scramble with hashbrowns and some of my boyfriend's blueberry pancakes.

If you could hook up a thought monitor to your head, would you see pictures, hear words or would music be playing?

All of it. I don't like being without any of those things. I'd be cool if my mind could be like the Internet. A wealth of information, both useful and useless, but always entertaining.

What really scares you about climbing?

Career ending injuries and losing someone I love.

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?

Never Ever Stop

Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

Squaw Valley, CA. And Catalunya, Spain. And Chamonix, France. And somewhere with warm with a beach and a surf break, like Hawaii maybe. I also want to live in a castle at some point. And on a boat.

Have no food or have no gasoline?

What if I had an electric car? Then I could choose no gas and have no problems.

Do you wish you had sexier feet?

I'm indifferent to feet. I wish I was taller though.