Jen Olson

Age: 40, Years climbing: 20, Hometown: Canmore, Alberta, Favorite product: KATANA LACE


Do you clip bolts, plug cams, stack pads, or crush ice?

Clip, plug, and crush.

How long have you been an athlete with La Sportiva?

This is my forth year.

What are some of your lifetime climbing goals?

To climb as much as possible for the rest of my life- having fun and sharing the experience with rad souls along the way.

Do you have a claim to fame?

being wholesome

Do you have any vices?

too many to list red wine, cold beer and salty chips are some of the evil ones

What makes you tick as a climber and in the real world?

problem solving, decision making and embarking into the unknown. I love learning.

What drives you to climb? The money? The groupies? The fame? What?

the moments of dancing effortlessly over challenging terrain

What is your favorite movie?

so i married an axe murderer

Do you have any nicknames? Explain:

wholesome. said tongue in cheek, i am a social deviant.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? Why?

30 some hours on the east face of sunrise spire in the Kitchatnas, Alaska. No where to sleep, trying to get to the top of sketchy wet and icy offwidths and kitty litter with Katherine Fraser in 2006.

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

Alaska, i think it should be a part of Canada, eh?

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

curry chicken with my mother

If you could hook up a thought monitor to your head, would you see pictures, hear words or would music be playing?

my to do list

What really scares you about climbing?

hitting the ground or a ledge (a recent reality in Scotland)

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?

girl goes climbing, girl tries to hold a job or relationship, girl goes climbing, repeat

Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

Squamish in the Canadian Rockies!

Have no food or have no gasoline?

no food. we need gas in Canada.

Do you wish you had sexier feet?

just sexier toenails