Alison Naney

Age: 32, Years running: 13, Hometown: Mazama, WA, Favorite product:


What are some of your lifetime running goals?

While I was in college, in 2000, I first saw that the Hardrock 100 existed, and promptly put it on my to do list before I die. My biggest lifetime running goal is to keep healthy enough to continue running long until I'm old and wrinkley.

Do you have a claim to fame?

I was voted as having the best wheels in high school: a 1964 Austin Healey Sprite convertable my dad restored.

Do you have any vices?

Since eating chocolate everyday isn't a vice, I don't think I have any.

What makes you tick as a runner and in the real world?

Balance is extremely important to me. Running is my way to connect to the landscape and think. I solve all kinds of problems during my runs; I'm a Massage Therapist in the real world, so running gives me time to work through ideas about clients' injuries. I also coach running and technique, and love seeing a client change their perceptions of running and their own capabilities.

What drives you to run?

I started running as a way to spend more time in the mountains. I realized I could cover a lot more ground by ditching my backpack and boots for running shoes. Now I run to challenge my physical and mental limits, while exploring the mountains.

What is your favorite movie?

Love Actually.

Do you have any nicknames? Explain:

Big Al, Al, Albert, Albert Alligator, all coined by my dad. I was chubby as a kid, hence Big Al, which then changed to Al.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? Why?

About 28 hours, for Cascade Crest 100. It starts at 10am, so I had longer after waking up to agonize about the run ahead of me.

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

Montana fits me well.

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Leftover beans and rice with chorizo, an apple, a peanut butter cookie, and a soy chai.

If you could hook up a thought monitor to your head, would you see pictures, hear words or would music be playing?

mellow music

What really scares you about trail running?

Being attacked by a mountain lion or a crazy person while running without my trusty husky.

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?

Rock Steady

Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

Mazama, Washington.

What’s your worst encounter on the trail?

I was chased back the trail by a mamma moose several times in one run, when I lived in Montana. Men who don't want to be "chicked" in a race can also be quite aggressive.