Mary Bocchicchio

Age: 28, Years climbing: 11, Hometown: Hueco Tanks, Texas, Favorite product: MIURA VS WMN'S

Do you clip bolts, plug cams, stack pads, or crush ice?

Just stacking pads all over - nothing else. Bouldering challenges me in a way ropes never did and I am fully mutated into a boulder-er now.

How long have you been an athlete with La Sportiva?

This is my first year as an official athlete and I am in love!

What are some of your lifetime climbing goals?

I would like to travel more and send a larger volume of climbs all over the world. Harder is always nice too - but I'm a big fan of climbing all the classics - no matter now easy or hard.

Do you have a claim to fame?

I scream really loud when I make big moves - and I have videos to prove it!

Do you have any vices?

Playing backgammon on my phone.

What makes you tick as a climber and in the real world?

Being around HAPPY people trying to do good in the world.

What drives you to climb? The money? The groupies? The fame? What?

The groupies are nice but I am really driven by my ability to share my love of the sport with the younger generation. I want to see climbing grow in a healthy direction - so if I can help make a difference I will always be psyched.

What is your favorite movie?

Ironically "The Rock" used to be my favorite movie even before I started climbing - it's been a few years since I've seen it but now I feel like it influenced my life somehow.

Do you have any nicknames? Explain:

Manpants - I wear a lot of men's pants because they fit really well in the winter when it's cold and you have a lot of layers on.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? Why?

Somewhere around 36-40 hours?? I was doing an overnight fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?


What did you have for lunch yesterday?

A brisket and rice burrito from our local El Paso Mercado. Don't forget the pistachio and almond aguas frescas! A real delicacy!

If you could hook up a thought monitor to your head, would you see pictures, hear words or would music be playing?

After my husband, Sportiva athlete Rocco Bocchicchio, just said I should be named after the state of IDAHO ... I would see a picture of something too inappropriate to share.

What really scares you about climbing?

Seeing the places I love close to climbing due to irresponsible climbers. i.e. Support the Access Fund!!!

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?

A League of Their Own

Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

Switzerland is pretty nice - and has enough climbing to last a lifetime.

Have no food or have no gasoline?

No gasoline - cause I have some fancy La Sportiva kicks to get me where I need to go!

Do you wish you had sexier feet?

YES - I have long finger toes.