Mike Moelter

Age: 32, Years climbing: 16, Hometown: Boulder, Co, Favorite product: MIURA

Do you clip bolts, plug cams, stack pads, or crush ice?

Clip bolts, plug cams and stack pads. I put ice in my drinks.

How long have you been an athlete with La Sportiva?

Since 2007

What are some of your lifetime climbing goals?

Honey Moon is over on the Diamond, Tomfoolery in Rifle and Nagual in Hueco Tanks

Do you have a claim to fame?

Owner and operator of Movement Climbing and Fitness. Married to Anne Worley

Do you have any vices?

Porsches, I don't own one but I think about it all the time.

What makes you tick as a climber and in the real world?

Running the setting crew at Movement, the "Movement Crew". It is composed of a group of guys that are some of the most varied and motivated group of climbers I know. Everyday is a hilarious combination of serious work and comical debate about very important topics like, grades, number of tries and style in which a climb was sent.

What drives you to climb? The money? The groupies? The fame? What?

It can be a simple practice of patience, intense action and sincere comradery. life can be a bit crazy and being able to do something that can be distilled is quit relaxing even though your more often than not pushing your limits.

What is your favorite movie?

The Professional

Do you have any nicknames? Explain:

Moeltron = Setter Alias Country Club = If I can relax I will Mike James = Alter Ego

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? Why?

Around 48 hrs. Setting a PCA comp in Salt Lake. What a shit show but totally worth it.

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

Mississippi because it is fun to spell

What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Left over fajitas from a Mill Creek trip over the weekend

If you could hook up a thought monitor to your head, would you see pictures, hear words or would music be playing?

All three 4sure. Right now Radiohead is playing, I am driving a 911 through the dolomites and I am visualising the 5.12 I am about to set all at the same time all in my head.

What really scares you about climbing?

Losing friends

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?

Before the sunrise

Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

Boulder, Colorado is that lame?

Have no food or have no gasoline?

No gasoline

Do you wish you had sexier feet?

Yes with pretty toe nail polish and all