Chris Kroger

Age: 42, Skiing since: I have been skiing since age four., Hometown: Wilson, Wyoming, Favorite product: STRATOS EVO


Who introduced you to skimo? Who are your influences?

The first North American ski montaineering race was held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2001. I entered the race and finished second place Overall. I introduced myself to the sport and have passionately raced and followed the sport since 2001. Influences include: Killian Jornet Burgada (ES), Florrent Troillet (CH), Florent Perrier (FR), Stephan Brosse (FR), Miro Mireia (ES), Latetitia Roux (FR), Manfred Reichegger (IT), and Doug Coombs.

How old were you when you first became a professional athlete?

In 2006 I competed in my first really big race against other professionals.

What are some of your lifetime skiing/race goals?

I would like to be able to ski tour, enjoy the mountains, and make powder turns until I am very old. As far as lifetime skiing goals - to continue to pursue passion and skiing peaks, summits, and couloirs. Racing - there are many races I would like to compete in including: Pierre Menta (FR), Patrouille de Glacier (CH), Mezzalama (IT) and more...

What is your proudest skiing accomplishment?

My proudest skiing accomplishment occured while working as a ski patroller. We were skiing powder outside the ski area boundary, we had just finished our task and were skiing downhill. While traversing, I saw the owner of the resort also outside the ski area boundary. As I was looking their way, my skis went under a hidden limb in the snow. I managed 2/3's of a front flip while double ejecting out of my skis. I clambered for my gear, didn't look back, and skied away.

Are you a skier for life? Was there a defining moment that made you realize this?

Yes. After I saw the Movie ' Hot Dog'.

What do you enjoy most about skiing?

Lots of things. Powder runs. Skiing with friends. Summits. Setting goals and aiming for them. The ability to enjoy the energy of the mountains while ski touring through pristine powder. The challenge of climbing hills with efficiency, speed, and effort. Steep couloirs. Corn. Storms. Ski mountaineering racing. And all the friends I've met through skiing.

Describe your dream run:

Dream Run: Coming soon 2011- 2012 season.

Top five favorite movies:

1. Man on Wire 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Endless Summer 4. Goodwill Hunting 5. Without Limits

What do you do to train for races?

I spend a lot of time on my skis. I work as a ski patroller, so I am guaranteed a lot of time on the snow. I also train specifically for races with backcountry skiing and specific training on skimo race gear. Training on ski mountaineering race gear includes: time trials on set courses, intervals, practicing skiing on race gear, efficient transitions, hiking bootpacks quickly and efficient cartwheels and spectacular somersaults... Good nutrition and a lot of powder skiing.

Top five favorite books:

1. Algebra 2. Trigonometry 3. Calculus 4. Differential Equations 5. Vectors

What’s the longest you’ve spent on a single skimo expedition?

Usually, work keeps me close to home. Nothing very long besides a couple of nights skiing and camping out. However, a potential expedition looms in the forecast.

Top five favorite musical groups:

1. Thievery Corporation 2. Pearl Jam 3. JGB 4. Willie Nelson 5. Eminem

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled for a race?

Ski Mountaineering World Championships: Cuneo Italy 2006, Champery Switzerland 2008, Claut Italy 2011. However, I also managed a 14 hour drive from Wyoming to Colorado in a complete snow storm. The drive should have taken 8 hours. I was more tired from the driving than the flights to Europe.

Top five favorite foods/meals:

1. Free 2. Organic 3. Salads 4. Thai 5. Fish

Briefly describe your most memorable moment while skiing:

It happened in 1996. It was just getting light outside, but the sun had not crested the ridge. Turning right, suddenly it was dark and then light again. Soon, my visability was completely blocked. Then, it quickly showed a glimpse of light, but I soon lost sight again. Another glimpse of light and back under I went. It continued like this for almost a minute. I let out a strange uncontrolled noise. Luckily, it came from my mouth. It was the best powder run in my life.

Are injuries a part of skiing? What’s your general mentality for handling injuries?

Yes. Injuries can happen while doing most anything and skiing is inclusive. Injury prevention is most valuable by staying active and strong. Rest and stretching help prevent injuries. If an injury presents itself, handle with care, seek medical advice, and listen to what your injury is telling you. Be patient and let your body heel. Injuries are no fun.

Top five hobbies when you’re not skiing:

1. can't say 2. mountaineering 3. mountain running 4. travel 5. food

If you had to ski one mountain for the rest of your life, which would it be?

That would be tough and take a bit of research. I generally like to ski a new peak, a different mountain range, new area or drainage as often as possible. However, if I had one mountain to ski the rest of my life, the location would be important. Perhaps, Mt. Blanc which can offer skiing all year, set in a beautiful location, and not far from the Mediterranean..!