Paul Robinson

What’s the Problem with Paul?

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ  •  Favorite Climbing Area:  Fontainebleau

What’s your favorite problem?

The best boulder I have ever repeated is Spectre in Bishop and the best boulder I have ever established is Meadowlark Lemon in Red Rocks! Both climbs I know I will never forget, not only sending but the journey it took to figure it all out. 

How long have you been sending boulder problems?

I started climbing in New Jersey at age 13. My local crag was The Gunks, about 2.5 hours away, so I spent a lot of time bouldering trees as a kid.

Any problems currently on your mind?

I recently visited a new area in New Mexico that blew my mind. There are some projects there that I can't stop thinking about. 

What’s the future of boulder problems?

It’s all about finding new zones. We should make an effort to find and establish new zones all over the planet. My goal is to find as many hard, 5-star lines as I possible. 

What’s the problem with roped climbing?

What's the problem with doing the dishes? Nothing, but it is always way more enjoyable to let someone else do them while you eat dessert!

Limestone or Granite problems?


Best boulder problem in Jersey?

Haha! I have climbed outside in New Jersey one day in my entire life. Let’s just say no boulders really stuck out as.... The best.

If we give out your phone number, would that be a problem?

No idea, but let's not try!

     - Paul

C A M E R A   P R O J E C T   G A L L E R Y

All photos by: Paul Robinson & Alexandra Kahn