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Daniel Woods

Discipline: Climbing


My name is Daniel Woods, 26 years old, from Boulder, Colorado. I have been climbing for 21 years and am completely consumed by this lifestyle.

Bouldering is my specialty but I like to think of myself as an all around climber. I have climbed 21 boulders graded 8C (12 of them First Ascents) and established “The Process” in Bishop, California proposing 8C+. On the route front, I have climbed 3 9a+ (1 of them is a First Ascent) and multiple 8c to 9a routes. I am 9 time ABS national champion, 2013 SCS national champion, 2010 Vail World Cup gold medalist, 2011 Eindhoven World Cup silver medalist, and have made podium in numerous bouldering invitational comps around the world.

Results and numbers aside, I am drawn to the personal battle in which climbing presents and the places it takes me. Climbing is ever changing on multiple different rock types/ styles. Once a project is complete I am onto the next challenge. This lifestyle has shaped me into the person I am, so I think it is safe to say that I will be doing it for as long as I can.



1. “The Process” (8C+) (v16) FA Bishop, California
2. “Hypnotized Minds” (8C+) (v16) FA Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
3. “Spray of Light” (8C) (v15) FA Rocklands, South Africa
4. “Noise vs Beauty” (8C) (v15) Rocklands, South Africa
5. “La Force Tranquille” (8C) (v15) FA Magic Wood, Switzerland
6. “Lucid Dreaming” (8C) (v15) 2nd ascent Bishop, California
7. “El Diablo” (8C) (v15) FA Penoles, Mexico
8. “Defying Gravity” (8C) (v15) FA Thunder Ridge, Colorado
9. “Witness the Fitness” (8C) (v15) 3rd ascent Ozark Mountains, Arkansas
10. “Paint it Black” (8C) (v15) FA Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
11. “The Game” (8C) (v15) FA Boulder Canyon, Colorado
12. Sport Climbing: “Tinipi” (9a+) (5.15a) FA 14,500 feet Borneo, Malaysia
13. Sport Climbing: “Thor's Hammer” (9a+) (5.15a) 4th ascent Flatanger, Norway
14. Sport Climbing: “Papichulo” (9a+) (5.15a) Oliana, Spain
15. Sport Climbing: “Kryptonite” (9a) (5.14d) Fortress, Colorado
16. 9 time ABS National Champion

Bio photo: © David Clifford  |  Banner photo: © Greg Mionske