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Jonathan Siegrist

Discipline: Climbing


Every year that I continue to pursue climbing I have a new favorite reason for doing so. Community, travel, introspection, challenge, physical demands and beauty have been some of those reasons. My relationship to climbing and furthermore myself has grown over the years and I look forward to its continued evolution.

Since 2011 I have had no fixed address, moving from place to place as the seasons change and my stoke fluctuates. I wouldn’t have it any other way!



1. “Biographie” (5.15a)
2. “La Rambla” (5.15a)
3. “Papichulo” (5.15a)
4. “Fish Eye” (5.14b flash)
5. “Jade” (V14)
6. “Enter the Dragon” (5.14a trad FA)
7. “La Lune” (5.14d FA)

Banner photo: © Daniel Hulliger