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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You've Got to do it Once!

By Adam Gifford

Every runner had a dream list of things they want to accomplish. Sometimes the list is “official” (whatever that means) and sometimes it’s just a jumble of ideas that pop up during those long, solo night runs. There is, of course, the quintessential list: running rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon, qualifying for Boston, buckling at Badwater, or not puking after a 5K. Well regardless of what is on your list you need to add one more thing…run a race in the nude.

This past weekend I ran the Dare To Go Bare 5K in Lutz, FL, and yes, I dared to go bare (well I didn’t want to look like an outcast with all my clothes on). This is my second clothing optional trail race and I have to say…ya gotta do it…at least once. For those of you interested, here are all of the answers to the obligatory questions that are always asked:

Yes, it is legal. The races are held on private property (usually at a nudist resort).

No, it doesn’t hurt. The human body was designed to run long before the advent of moisture wicking shorts and sports bras.

No, it isn’t embarrassing…at least no more embarrassing than spending your Friday nights running with a hat that has a light on it while wearing a fanny pack that doubles as a water bottle holder.

Yes, there are fast runners at these races (none of those weight laden, split-side track shorts to slow people down).

Yes, you should DEFINITELY wear sunscreen…EVERYWHERE.

This was my ENTIRE race outfit (and you thought that barefoot running was the latest fad :-)


Yes, the spectators are also nude.

Yes, EVERYONE speaks with innuendos.

Yes, people will tell you that you’re crazy…just like they did when you ran your first ultra and just like they did when you ran across Zion National Park and just like they did when you ran to work in February.

No, I wasn’t TOTALLY nude…I would never run a race without my La Sportiva Crosslites :-)

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