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Friday, June 15, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Do The Mountain Cup

By Alison Bryant

10.  $25,000 in prize money.  But note that this is only the Number Ten reason to do the Mountain Cup.

9.  A chance to play the numbers game.  As Ryan Woods would call it, “Strategery.”  Which races will bring in the most points and chances to beat your competitors?  I can spend hours running the numbers.  But I am not as advanced as Ryan, he actually has a Mountain Cup folder to contain all of his stats.

8.  An excuse to do larger, well-known races.  Races like Barr Trail on Pikes Peak and the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase in Park City have been on the Mountain Cup schedule.  The Mountain Cup provides added incentive to travel to these races.

7.  An excuse to do smaller races I might not otherwise do.  Races like Hells Hills 25k in Smithville, TX and Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run in Helena, MT, that I would never have done if they were not part of the Mountain Cup, have been really fun.

6.  Occasions to visit our favorite stores.  Jason and I live outside a small town, so we are always enthralled with large, fancy grocery stores.  In Texas, we like the H.E.B.; in California, we made multiple trips to a Trader Joes.  But perhaps our favorite store is the Stephens City Outlet on the drive up to Rothrock.  They call themselves an outlet, but Jason says it is a junk store.  We love it. 

5.  An opportunity to discover Big Foot.  In 2011, Jason, Jared Scott, and I were camping out in the parking lot before the Uwharrie Mountain Run.  A large truck pulled up and men in fatigues carrying guns came pouring out.  They headed off into the woods.  I suspect that we had seen the “Big Foot” that had been sighted many times in the Uwharrie Forest.

4.  Free Sheetz Lattes and Smoothies at the Rothrock Trail Challenge.  For those who are not familiar with Sheetz, it is an awesome gas station on the East Coast with Made-To-Order food and drinks.  The company is very philanthropic and generously provides a Smoothie Truck for events.

3.  Getting to visit with old friends from around the country.  We visit with other running friends or old high school friends in conjunction with almost all Mountain Cup race trips.

2.   Getting to hang out with other Mountain Cup competitors.  Over the years, we have gotten to know our competition pretty well.  Jared Scott, Ryan Woods, Matt Byrne, Megan Kimmel, Gina Lucrezi – all familiar names on the Mountain Cup circuit who we get to see at the races.

And the Number One reason to do the Mountain Cup:

1.  Jason might moon you.  Enough said.

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