Sara Montgomery - Winter Running Husky Style

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Running - Husky Style

By Sara Montgomery

Living in Canada, we get a lot of snow and ice to keep our winter running interesting. Our dogs (the Alaskan and Siberian huskies in particular) are perfectly suited to winter conditions, and over the years we have learned some things from them to apply to our own running.

1. Get yourself some good traction - We don’t have built in claws to grip the ice, but we are just as well equipped with our hobnails.

Meela's Way

Our Way


2. Don’t let the snow keep you away from the trails - Besides our dogsled, our trail shoes and snowshoes are the best things to allow us to enjoy our favorite trails when they are buried in snow.


3. It’s Canada, play hockey! - Personally the hockey I enjoy most is dog hockey. Getting on the skates is good cross training though.



4.  If you’re not a husky, it might be a good idea to wear mittens. - Dressing correctly for the weather is key. We've been enjoying our Crossovers this year as a very nice addition to our winter gear. Stream crossings and iced-up mud puddles have never felt so comfortable.

Mali: Not a husky


5. You can get hot working out in the winter, so be sure to cool off - Meela is demonstrating her technique, but we prefer to dress in layers that can easily be removed.


6. Most of all, have fun!

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