Thomas Reiss - TRT 100 Final Countdown

Friday, July 1, 2011

TRT 100 – The final countdown, 5 days to go…..this is it.

By Thomas Reiss

The big day is almost here. It is Monday evening. I got up here to Incline Village in Lake Tahoe on Saturday afternoon. Did my last longish run yesterday with my friend Heeva from the SLO Trail Runner’s. Checked out the course and ran the first 5 and last 7 miles of the course. A lot of snow melted since my last visit 2 weeks ago. The consistent heat made it happen. Also a lot of the downed trees have been cut and removed. At least on the parts of the course that we went on. All great news.

A Glimpse of Heaven

All the work is done. No I just have to sit and wait and go run 100 miles on Saturday. The weather should be great, a tad on the hot side but that's better then rain and cold. Still plenty of snow on the course but not as bad as I was afraid of. I am healthy and feel good. Now let's see if the 1224 miles in the 12 week prep cycle are helpful or not. Many things can happen in a 100 miles, let's hope most of them will be good and the bad ones are not to bad.

As I mentioned in a post earlier, this is my highlight race of 2011, I put all my eggs in one basket – TRT100. I have been training harder then ever before with my lifetime highest mileage week of 139 miles and my goals are set pretty high:

Breaking 24 is a must, but my goal is really to win the Masters division and take the course record (currently at 20:46:50). If things go well I would like to break 20 hours. I think physically I am in shape to go sub 20 but we will see how the day unfolds. I feel at home on the course having won the 50 miler twice and holding the course record (7:52:09), that sure gives me a lot of confidence. My crew (Larisa, fresh of a great finish at SD100) and pacers (Brett and Victor) are all set. My wife and kids are excited and everyone is looking forward to race day. A bunch of our San Luis Obispo Trail Runners Club Members are racing as well. It should be a great weekend.

If you want to follow the race you can do so at:

My Sportiva Crosslites are ready to go, I will also be using 2 Ultimate Direction handhelds, and wearing our Sportiva Green Layer uniform. At night I will light the trails up using my awesome Petzl headlamp. I will try and consume about 250 calories an hour between GUs, Boost+ some aid station junk and maybe a Twix candy bar if my pacer does not eat it in front of me like he did at Leadville! I am hoping to put about 20-25 ounces of mostly water per hour into my system. In addition to that one S-Cap per hour (in the heat of the day maybe 2) plus some Amino HP for the 1st two bottles of the race and later in the race (mile 80). I will also start drinking flat Coke at mile 80 or so.
At this point I would already like to thank some special people in my life for getting me here. First of all my wonderful wife that always motivates and supports me. My two great kids Dylan and Luke, they are ready to go with me for the last mile. My coach Karl King, thanks for all the great advice and keeping me on track. All my friends from SLO Trail Runner's, especially Heeva for all the hours shared on the trails. And of course my 2 superstar pacers, Brett Rivers and Victor Ballesteros as well as my crew chief Larisa Polischuk. Thank you very much.

Now let's go and run some.

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