Final thoughts on the 2011 World Championships

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Team USA 2011 World Ski Mountaineering Championships


As I sit here in the Venice airport, I can’t help but reflect back on the last 10 days.  It truly has been an amazing experience to represent the United States at the World Champs. Claut and the surrounding towns are a gem in the Dolomites, many people see the Dolomites around Cortina and further west, but as Pete described it this area is the “sleepy” part of these amazing mountains. The landscape here is stunning, awe-inspiring, breathtaking and any other adjective that has a similar meaning.


As far as the racing is concerned, I am very happy with how well Team USA performed, and in particular I am very satisfied with my personal performance. It quickly became obvious to me that North American Racing has a long way to go to be really competitive with the strong european nations. Yet, both Team USA and the Canadian Team put up some of their best results to date, and we had so much fun racing against each other

I am so thankful to be able to go the World Championships with Team USA: Janelle Smiley, Nina Slitch, Jari Kirkland, Jessica Phillips, Max Taam, Travis Scheefer, Scott Simmons, Bryan Wickenhauser, Chris Kroger, Greg Ruckman, Pete Swenson and Tim Assor. Everyone on this list is an incredible athlete and amazing person.

A big thanks needs to go out to all of my dear friends and family who helped make this trip a reality and for all of the support that I have from you. Particularly I need to thank the folks at La Sportiva, both in North America and in Italy, for believing in me as an athlete an allowing me to race in your top quality products. Mom and Dad deserve a huge thanks for putting up with all my antics and always supporting me. Finally I must thank my amazing wife Tanae, without her I wouldn’t have the time, nutrition, or constant motivation to strive for excellence. Team USA and I may have been over here racing, but none of us would have been here without you...Thank You!!

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