Italy Day 2

Friday, February 18, 2011

US Team Getting Ready to Train 

Things in Claut are starting to heat up, both figuratively and literally. Many more teams are arriving by the minute. It is very interesting to see all of the racers and teams in fully decked out kits, spandex race suits, and the most intimidating look they can muster. The weather is also heating up, today the fog finally lifted and showed us the beauty of the Dolomites. Today the entire US team went up to the race area and spent a couple of hours exploring the area around where the course will be held.


Max Taam Enjoying the View during a Training Mission

I am totally awe struck with the mountains surrounding Claut and Barcis (where our hotel is). I really have never seen anything like the terrain here. The mountains are so very rugged and raise several thousand meters out of the valley in all directions. The snow conditions are going to be very interesting with over a meter of very heavy new snow, but other than that very shallow snow pack. The first part of the race course seems to ascend a very long logging road ascent. Maybe the first 900-1000 meters of climbing are on the road, then it transfers to the higher alpine which looks like it is going to be very interesting, coupled with the heavy snow it looks like it will be a exciting conditions to say the least.

 Photo of the Backdrop opposite the Race...the photo doesn't do it justice.

We are heading to the race briefing here soon and then head back for more delicious Italian cuisine. The Sprint race that was initially scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed due to the snow conditions and is rescheduled for Wednesday in between the Vertical and Individual Races. That will give us one extra day before racing begins, but the downside is that there will be three days of racing in a row without a day in between. Hopefully more skiing tomorrow, and I will try to post more pics.


Pasta at the Hotel for Dinner, delicious every night!

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