Luke Nelson: Mini Golf in France

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini Golf in France

By Luke Nelson

A few of us in from the US Ski Mountaineering team arrived in France yesterday.  We had a super long travel day getting to Pelvoux, but fortunately it was uneventful.  I snuck in a run last night just as the sun went down, which I ended up finishing in the dark.  After a nice dinner, we all crashed hoping to get rid of some jet lag. 

Today after a pretty leisure morning, the majority of the US racers went out to stretch our legs and get in some ski time.  We walked out of the town and then skinned up a road into Ecrins National Park. We ended up spotting a couple of cool little couloirs just off the road and before we knew it we were playing a bit of couloir mini-golf.

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