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Thursday, February 17, 2011


The First sign of the World Championships seen on the drive into Claut

Well in an attempt to actually post on a daily basis from the Ski Mountaineering World Championships I thought I would drop a quick note about traveling to Claut. The flights from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Venice Italy were pretty uneventful. It was a long time to be in a tight space packed with people, but luckily all my flights were on time and both of my bags arrived in Venice the same time I did. I enjoyed an hour and a half drive with Roberto, although it was a bit awkward as he spoke no english and I no Italian. The couple of times we tried to talk about something pretty much ended in uncomfortable laughter and nods. Neither of us really had any idea what the other was saying.

I arrived to wet and heavy snowfall, that had started a few hours prior. In an attempt to get over jetlag sooner than later I headed out for a run against the advice of the hotel owner. She was very concerned I would slip and fall or get some type of lung condition from running in the snow. I assured her i would be fine and went out into the unknown. Rather quickly I was surprised with a short section of single track running alongside the lake behind our hotel. I was super glad to have brought La Sportiva Crosslites as my only pair of shoes because they were ideal for running in the mixed conditions. As I returned to the hotel after the run I was happy to see some familiar faces from the Canadian National Team checking in. It may seem strange but I was overwhelmed to speak english and be understood. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and then I headed to bed a bit early as I hadn't really slept in 30-something hours. 


Closer view of the World Championships Banner seen from the car we sat in poaching internet from the local school 

This morning I got up and again had breakfast with the Canadian National Team, then I was lucky enough to be invited to go with Steve and Alex over to Claut to try to get some ski time in. After a brief stop at the race HQ we got some directions (very rough italian/english mixed directions) and headed out of town towards the skiing. We did get some skinning done but do to pretty dismal snow conditions did not actually ski anything. It will be very interesting to see what the race organizers are able to pull off as far as the racing is concerned, but with what we have seen so far they have their work cut out for them!!

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