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JC Hunter - Climbing Post-Baby

JC Hunter - Climbing Post-Baby

I first met JC at a La Sportiva photo shoot during the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow. I knew of her amazing climbing accomplishments, with a handful of 5.14's under her belt. But what struck me was how kind and down to earth she was. There was this tall, beautiful, strong woman who was an incredible climber, and mom to four kids….something you don't hear about everyday.

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Leor Pantilat - Alta Peak in Winter

Leor Pantilat - Alta Peak in Winter

When I climbed Alta Peak in September I knew that I had to return to see the spectacular view in the winter. Alta Peak is located in Sequoia National Park in the Southern High Sierra and is accessed from Wolverton. Winter Alta Peak is actually a different point along the ridge from the traditional summit at the end of the Alta Peak Trail.


2014 SQMF

Squamish Mountain Festival

Every July, the Squamish Mountain Festival brings the rock climbing community together to celebrate the sport, promote its growth and throw an almost week long party for its participants. With presentations from climbing’s top athletes, multiple days of amazing films, a vendor fair featuring products and gear from the best outdoor brands, and perhaps one of the best venues for bouldering, trad, and sport climbing in North America, it can be a bit overwhelming to take advantage of all of the attractions at the Squamish Mountain Festival. Here’s a day-by-day “how to” for getting the most out of your Festival weekend.

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Pat Goodman - Gun Control

La Sportiva athlete Pat Goodman discusses some of the ethics and considerations that need to be taken while establishing new routes. Meanwhile, enjoy watching him send "Gun Control" 5.13, an amazing line up one of the most stunning walls in the New River Gorge.

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Leor Pantilat's Adventures - 11/01/2013

Check out Leor's personal blog for first-hand accounts of his adventures on and off the trails of California. More...

Derrick Spafford's Health & Adventure - 11/01/2013

Do you have a dream goal? With over 30 years of running, coaching and personal training experience, Derrick Spafford’s extensive knowledge and background will help you achieve that goal! Derrick specializes in trail, ultra, mountain and snowshoe racing. More...

Sean Blanton - Run Bum - 11/01/2013

Run Bum welcomes you! A community of runners, of all capabilities, joining to support each other, learn from each other, and just enjoy the goodness that is running. We train, we enter races, but when you get down to it we’re just here to have a good time. Join us, be a Run Bum too. More...

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Jen Olson - 5 Tips for Getting Strong

Jen Olson - 5 Tips for Getting Strong

I see myself as a beginner at training for climbing, but I have been fortunate to receive some coaching from a handful of experts in the past couple years and I am seeing great results.  Hopefully this will motivate you to achieve your goals!

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Superior Avalanche:  Ten Conclusions I Should Always Remember

Superior Avalanche: Ten Conclusions I Should Always Remember

On April 12, 2012, I was caught and tumbled by an avalanche while skiing Mt. Superior in the Wasatch.  My partner Jason Dorais wrote this report.  I've added my thoughts below.

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