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Helios SR

Helios SR

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Give me my La Sportiva's any day, any where, any run!!!
I started running with other shoes, then came across La Sportiva's as my local bike shop carries La Sportiva's and a local raved about them. I began running in them and instantly fell in love. I use them for road/(cement) trail primarily, with some single dirt track mixed in there, and also run my marathons in them and they are always comfortable and I never blister or have sore feet, knees, or legs. I usually push them to 400-450 miles and never notice any lack of comfort, just some tread being worn away underneath. I have literally ran in La Sportiva's for my past 9 pairs of running shoes! I only recently fell in love with the La Sportiva's even more though. I had a gift card to a store that did not carry La Sportivas so I grab a different shoe to try. They work, but seem stiff and I feel like a house when I run in them as I can hear every step and...just not the same. It could be this specific type of shoe and/or company, but they are not my La Sportivas. Give me my La Sportivas any day, any where, any run!!!
Review by Jesse - Bismarck, ND (Posted on 1/26/2017)
Review for HELIOS SR
Great shoe! It fits my wide foot at the toes while being snug in the heel and instep for control. The 2mm drop is securely close to the ground on technical terrain, while the midsole still has good cushion. The wave outsole grips loose dirt, and the sticky rubber really works well rock hopping. Love it.
Review by Buzz B. - Boulder, CO (Posted on 12/10/2015)
Review for HELIOS SR
I LOVE THESE SHOES! They have never let me down on a run. Everything from road, to trail to snow covered trails and icy roads. They are so sticky and light. I have a problem with my heels slipping in a lot of shoes but not with these babies. I will for sure buy another pair maybe two I love them that much!
Review by Hilary W. - Snowmass, CO (Posted on 3/28/2014)
Review for HELIOS SR
Best Shoe out there! I'm really am a running gear geek and have tried tons of different shoes. I never seem to be satisfied until now. The Helios SR is the perfect shoe for both training and racing ultra marathons. These were recommended to my by a friend/ la sportive ambassador and I decided to give them a try. I have used these in all types of conditions and distances anywhere from 1 mile all out to 20+ mile long runs. I normally run on very technical trails coved in roots, rocks, and softer dirt and the Helios SR performed like a champ! This is now my go to shoe for everything and I am no longer looking at any other shoes. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to run trail. PROS: Light weight. Comfortable. They're cushy but not inefficiently so. Flexible. Durable. 200+ miles and still going strong, Good Traction. works on hard pack, mud, wet rocks, loose scree, it just works! Tight fit. These are a tighter race shoe fit. Not as in they are too tight but they are made to hug your feet and to be snug so they do not slip around on technical descents. Looks. Very cool looking in my opinion, Dries quickly, Sticky outsole. CONS: Only one color choice, Need to half size up. I am size 9 (or 42) in every shoe I wear but these I needed to size up a half size to a 9.5 (42.5), I would like the laces to be an inch longer
Review by Mitch M. - Auburn, AL (Posted on 12/22/2012)
Review for HELIOS SR
I love these shoes. I've read reviews elsewhere about them being "narrow" and the toe box being small, but I haven't found that at all. They do run a bit small so, while I normally wear a US size 10, I wear a 43.5 in the Mutant and I upped to a 44 in the Helios SR and it fits perfectly. It is not narrow at all, but more glove-like. I've also read complaints about the rock plate. Well, I've had at least 25 different models of trail shoes over the years and non had a rock plate that would keep me from feeling sharp rocks. I haven't noticed anything worse from this shoe. I run on really rocky terrain and I haven't had any pain. These shoes are super light and they have just the right amount of cushioning. Where I wear my Mutant on mountain terrain without allot of loose rocks, gravel, mud, etc., I wear these where the rocks are big and make up most of the terrain and, well, pretty much every where else. I find them to be highly versatile. That said, I probably wouldn't choose them for slow pounding on flats. If there is one caveat, it is that they like to go fast! And, since that's what I assume they were built for, I'm happy to oblige.
Review by David S. - Takoma Park, MD (Posted on 11/7/2012)

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