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Abbey Smith

Discipline: Climbing Team


Abbey Smith is a professional rock climber, producer and writer born and raised in Colorado. For nearly decades, Abbey has dedicated her life to climbing rocks of all sizes, exploring uncharted territories, and the art of storytelling. She caught the first ascent fever early on while bouldering in the Rocky Mountains, and has traveled the world is search of stand-alone boulders with pure and proud lines – particularly in the high alpine and exotic settings. Recent adventures have taken her to remote islands in Thailand, Indian Himalayas, Peruvian Andes, China, and Cuba. Her exploits have been featured in film, online, in commercials and in the pages of Fortune, ESPN, Men’s Journal, Outside, Backpacker, Climbing and Alpinist, and other international  publications. Abbey currently resides in Los Angeles.



1. “Breathless” (V11) FA, Cordillera Blanca, Peruvian Andes
2. “Black Heart” (V10) FA, Miyar Valley, Indian Himalayas
3. “Raging Bull” (V10, FA, Miyar Valley, Indian Himalayas
4. “Tourettes” (V10, FA) Koh Tao, Thailand
5. “Whispers of Mortality” (V10) Hueco Tanks, Texas

Bio photo: © Caroline Treadway  |  Banner photo: © Venomblackbird