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Andrea Szekely
Andrea Szekely

Andrea Szekely

Discipline: Climbing Team



I started climbing in a small little school gym climbing wall in Hungary when I was 8 years old. Never would I, nor my parents, imagined how it would take over my life from then and there. When my family moved to the US a few years later, my brother and I joined a local Junior Team focused on competitions and we began attending the local comps. I was hooked, and spent countless hours training for the National and International circuits for many years. At the same time, I also discovered climbing outside (in Hungary there weren’t many crags), and began travelling to the classic US destinations as well as the crags in Europe when we visited family. After my 16+ years competing seriously, and after moving to Colorado where climbing outdoors is much more feasible, I decided to shift my focus to the outdoors and now that’s what’s taken over my heart. Nothing makes me happier than a long day in the Colorado Alpine or in the limestone meccas in Spain tackling tufas :)




1. Sending Pata Negra, 5.14b in a hail storm
2. USA Vice-Bouldering champion (ie 2nd place) - not bad for a sport climber at the time
3. A successful first Lincoln Lake Cleanup organized by yours truly
4. Surviving Grad School while working two jobs, training, and getting out to climb at 5 am
before work to touch some rock
5. Hiking almost 30 miles at 9000+ feet with my 1 year old pup and best friend Chelsea in
a day




+1.5 in (5’9 ape)


Headshot Photo: ®Israel Macia | Banner Photo: ®Caroline Treadway