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Anton Krupicka
Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


Anton Krupicka is world renowned ultra-runner and mountain athlete. He has won the Leadville 100 twice, the Miwok 100K, the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler, the Collegiate Peaks 50 Miler, the White River 50 Miler twice (Set 2010 CR 6:25:29), the High Mountain 50k and the Estes Park Marathon. He also came in second in the Western States Endurance Run in 2010 in what would have been a course record time of 15:13:53.
"I was irresistibly drawn to the West’s more dramatic landscapes and deliberately moved to Colorado for college. Today, everything I continue to do in the mountains is simply a more systematic and evolved extension of what I was doing as a youth in Nebraska—indulging my curiosity and creating a meaningful connection to place through deliberate, direct experience.
My first summit of Pikes Peak—in running shoes and shorts in November, without water or calories—was an epiphany. After yet another disappointing cross-country season filled with twice-weekly speed workouts and desultory races, that initial 4hr48min effort up and down the mountain seemed to enliven and energize me rather than break me down. The altitude and snow provided a challenge for which I felt naturally suited, unlike the inevitable frustration that always seemed to result from trying to run fast on a golf course or rubberized track."


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Banner photo: © Fredrik Marmsater

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