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April Herrera
April Herrera

April Herrera

Discipline: Climbing Team



I am a San Francisco Bay Area native who got into climbing in my early twenties. It all started when I went to my local climbing gym, Mission Cliffs, for a date. I did not come from an athletic background, so initially climbing was very difficult for me as it required using muscles I never worked out. I also happened to be terrified of heights so getting acquainted with the vertical world was a bit of an adjustment. Fast forward a few months and climbing became a strong passion of mine - I was making it a point to go to the gym 3 times a week because I was thrilled at what climbing was doing not only for my physique and self confidence, but also my ability to work through my fears. Since starting this journey I’ve climbed and visited places I most likely never would have known about -- Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Red Rocks, Jamestown, Yosemite, Auburn, Joshua Tree, Castle Rock, and Pinnacles.

I have a deep appreciation for the past few years as I’ve grown from a brand new to a lightly seasoned climber. A lot of what I’ve learned has been from womxn climbers who took the time out to take me under their wings and teach me proper crag etiquette, climbing/belay techniques, etc. Those experiences with other womxn are exactly the reason why I like to give back to the women’s climbing community by helping contribute to womxn-based organizations that are inclusive of all experience levels. Without those ladies, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. I enjoy helping organize, table and/or co-host events, taking photographs, participating and overseeing online discussions, and talking with new folxs who may be too shy or afraid to reach out. 




1. Becoming a La Sportiva athlete
2. Helping grow womxn-based climbing communities
3. Sending my first Yosemite V0
4. Leading my first sport climb in Mammoth Lakes, CA
5. Obtaining my undergraduate degree in 3 years with Magna Cum Laude honors
6. Maintaining a healthy balance between climbing, training, community outreach (online and in person),
family time, and my career as a paralegal.




-3" (I'm 5'3" and have a 5'0" wingspan!)


Photos by ®Walter Koning