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Ashleigh Thompson
Ashleigh Thompson

Ashleigh Thompson

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team



Ashleigh Thompson (she/hers) is a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe tribal nation and an anthropology PhD student at the University of Arizona. When not doing academic work, she is outdoors running, climbing, and visiting new places. She loves writing, photography, and talking anything Indigenous. Important roles include sidekick to Benson–her 2-year-old border-collie mix–and eating all of the delectable food Tucson has to offer.





1. 5k personal record five years after my collegiate running career was finished
2. Positive evaluations from college students who have taken courses I co-teach
3. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program recipient (3 years of fully funded graduate school)
4. Sobriety from alcohol for 2.5 years and counting
5. Publishing my photography and writing in a book





50 Beats Per Minutes