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Ben Rueck
Ben Rueck

Ben Rueck

Discipline: Climbing Team


Growing up on the farm lands of Grand Junction, Colorado, rock climbing was the furthest thing from my mind.  I didn’t even know it existed. As I grew I began to notice my surroundings, beautiful deserts, canyons, and sculpted sun-kissed stone sparked my imagination of exploration and adventure. Though, at the time, I didn’t actively connect and was just an observer of nature.  In my mind, the outdoors was more like a painting, something to be admired but not experienced. When I turned seventeen that all changed.  I was introduced to climbing and the sport weaved itself into my life. I was no longer an observer but an active-explorer of the world around me.



1. God Mode (5.14b/c) (FA with Ian Dory)
2. Duane’s World (5.14b/c) (FA with Ian Dory)
3. Delicatessen 5.14a
4. Pure Pressure 5.14a RX (trad)
5. Frank Zappa Appreciation Society 5.13+ (trad)






Banner photo: © Jeff Rueppel