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Ben Rueck

Discipline: Climbing Team


Growing up in the rural farm lands of Western Colorado, rock climbing was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t even know it existed. For years I’d grown to appreciate the outdoors adventuring through the desert; but never really connected or understood the beauty of being a part of nature. The outdoors was a tool to be used. When I was seventeen that all changed. I was introduced to climbing and the complexity of the sport weaved itself into my life. I was no longer an observer but an active participant in the world around me.



1. “Pure Pressure” (5.14aR) first ascent trad
2. “God Mode” (5.14b)
3. “Gutless Wonder” (5.14b)
4. “Solar Fusion” (5.13b) FFA Big-Wall
5. “Cloven Hoof” (5.14a)

Banner photo: © Jeff Rueppel