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Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

Jonathan Siegrist working "Bone Tomahawk."

With their sights set on spring projects, watch Honnold and Siegrist team-up for some training time... 

- - -

"This isn't about El Cap. This isn't about free soloing, or doing the absolute sickest, or most nauseating thing you've ever head of. This is about crimping."

After his most impressive climbing year to date, it's clear that whatever Jonathan Siegrist is doing for training has been working. With hopes of pushing his sport climbing red point abilities, Alex Honnold decides to find out exactly what that training looks like. The pair teamed up this spring for some no-frills training time, weighted push-ups, hangboarding, and plenty of core! Before Alex Honnold's sub two-hour “Nose” speed record, and before Jonathan Siegrist sent "Jumbo Love," (5.15b), each trained weaknesses and worked projects outside of their comfort zones. Honnold learns what it feels like to be #siegristing on "Atonement," and Siegrist ups his bicep game while working then project "Bone Tomahawk." 

Jonathan Siegrist and Alex Honnold miming beta

A classic climber conversation— beta miming. 

Watch: Comfort Zone



Alex looking composed on his spring project "Atonement"

Alex Honnold putting his hangboarding to use as he crimps down on "Atonement" (5.14b; VRG).


The training paying off for Jonathan Siegrist!

Jonathan Siegrist working through the steep roof on "Bone Tomahawk" (5.15a; Utah). 


Photos and Video: © Tara Kerzhner

6/24/2018 11:25 AM
Posted in Climbing By Team Sportiva

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