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How To: Weekend Backpacking Tips

The Nucleo High GTX offers comfort, support, and traction over varied terrain

La Sportiva shares tips for weekend backpackers trying to get the most out of their time on the trail. 

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On a three-day backpacking trip to gain the summit of Mount Antero (14,275’), the highest peak in Colorado’s Sawatch Range in the Rocky Mountains, the mobile road crew from Elevation Outdoors provides tips for weekend backpacking excursions. Below is a summary of basic backpacking know-how to make your next trip easier:

Check the Weather: While this seems obvious, it is important to keep tabs on your backpacking destinations long term weather patterns, as well as for the window of time you are planning your trip. Familiarize yourself with the snowmelt patterns for higher elevation destinations, and/ or local seasonal storm tendencies.

Footwear: A breathable waterproof boot that balances ankle stability with adequate mobility like the La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX will provide all day comfort and support for most trail conditions.

Guard Against the Elements: Pack gear for adequate sun protection like hats, light layers, sunscreen, and anticipate unpredictable weather by bringing a light shell and pants for rain protection, especially during spring and summer.  

Keep Your Feet Cool: Wear high quality merino wool or synthetic socks for maximum wicking and cooling potential. Make sure to always have an extra dry pair of socks stashed in your pack to keep your feet dry! Maintaining dry feet is the best way to prevent blisters over multi-day hiking trips.

Fuel for the Trail: Always pack extra food in case of unexpected delays (weather, fatigue, etc.,). Dehydrated meals can save weight and require less preparation allowing for quicker meal prep after those long days.

Hydrate With Less Weight: Decide on the best water filtering strategy for your hike: it’s a good idea to start with some water (maybe 1L in a bladder) while carrying in a filtering system if you know you will be near a reliable water source to resupply throughout the trip.

Play by the Rules: Cover your bases by checking on any required camping permits beforehand if traveling through National Parks or Forests. Know that some areas also require campers and backpackers to bring bear canister requirements. If planning to bring a dog double check four-legged friends are allowed on your trail, and check leash regulations.

Leave No Trace: Pack it in/ Pack it Out applies to everything from food scraps, wrappers, to TP and dog waste. Practice LNT ethics by staying on trail whenever possible, using existing fire rings and trying to avoid damaging local flora and fauna.

Preview Photo: ©Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and Elevation Outdoors Magazine

Originally written by Elevation Outdoors' Live Outside and Play (LOAP) Road Crew for La Sportiva.



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9/20/2017 7:30 AM
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