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Jonathan Siegrist - Miura XX

Jonathan Siegrist climbs in the new La Sportiva Miura XX

The new, limited edition La Sportiva Miura XX is a slightly aggressive twist on the original Miura...

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This year La Sportiva celebrates the 20th anniversary of the timeless Miura lace up. For the most part this shoe has gone unchanged since it’s genesis in the 90’s. Chances are very high that you’ve used this edging masterpiece at some point in your climbing life. For me, this is one of the first climbing shoes I ever put on, the shoe I climbed my first 5.14 in a decade ago, and a classic that to this day I always have in my quiver.

Twenty years later the Miura’s sister is born. Enter the La Sportiva Miura XX. A slightly aggressive twist on the original, the XX is built on the P3 platform - similar to what you’ll find on a Miura VS. This drives power to the toes and maintains a slight downturn through the life of the shoe. A stiff toe box along with the XS Edge rubber makes for super powerful edging, but the midsole and the lightly aggressive nature of the shoe makes it possible to climb steeper terrain as well. The heel and lacing system remains virtually the same, but you’ll notice right away the new blacked out look and Adam Ondra’s signature on the outside. Imagine the original Miura with just a few hints from its high octane sibling, the Testarossa.

The La Sportiva Miura XX featuring Adam Ondra's signature

Right away when I put these on I was reminded of the awesome fit I was used to out of the original Miura, but when I started bouldering around I noticed a much more powerful edge. As I broke them in, smearing became more and more of an option, and like all leather shoes they stretched just enough. In my opinion this is a perfect shoe for vertical to slightly overhanging terrain, where edging is necessary but so is body tension and pulling with your feet. It might not be quite as adept for all day cruising comfort like the original, but for demanding footwork on boulders, sport routes and trad routes alike, this is a new super weapon.

Jonathan Siegrist climbs in the new La Sportiva Miura XX



The La Sportiva Miura XX is a limited edition climbing shoe and is only available at select retailers while supplies last. Please see below for a list of retailers that may have the La Sportiva Miura XX in stock:

Backcountry Gear
• Backcountry.com
• Campsaver
• Fifth Season (Mount Shasta, California)
• Gear Coop
• Gear Express
• InSPIRE (Spring, Texas)
• Leavenworth Mountain Sports (Leavenworth, Washington)
• Mountain Gear
• Oregon Mountain Community Gear
• Outdoor Gear Exchange
• Zappos
• Wild Iris Mountain Sports (Lander, Wyoming)
• Vertical Adventures (Columbus, Ohio)
• US Outdoor
• Travel Country Outfitters
• Pine Needle Mountaineering (Durango, Colorado)
• The Front Climbing Club (Salt Lake City, Utah)
• Cliffs at Long Island City (Queens, New York)
• Planet Rock (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
• Crux Climbing Gym (Eugene, Oregon)
• Redpoint Climbers Supply
• Sunrise Mountain Sports

La Sportiva Miura XX

La Sportiva Miura XX

La Sportiva Miura XX

Photos 1-3: © Shaina Savoy 

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Go to Jonathan Siegrist's profile page Jonathan Siegrist is a member of the La Sportiva Climbing Team.

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4/3/2017 10:28 AM


Posted in Climbing By Jonathan Siegrist

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Joel Pinheiro

posted on 6/4/2018 2:14 PM
Does miura lace up?


posted on 10/5/2017 12:49 AM
Just got the new Miura XX, i order it same number as Miura Velcro 38.5 but i found them bigger, is it possible to have a problem on sizing ? So to write 38.5 but to be actually bigger ? For classic Miura i wear 38 and now i found a pitty that i did not order the XX version 38 also...pfff

Peter Szij

posted on 4/10/2017 1:56 AM
Thanks man, I guess I will have to order a pair of these beauties then :D

J Star

posted on 4/7/2017 2:43 AM
Hi Peter

I find that the XX fits similarly to the Miura VS. Also, I usually expect several somewhat painful sessions to really break in the VS but for me the XX broke in quite nicely after an hour or two of climbing. They don't feel as snug as the VS overall (maybe like a .25 size larger?) I wear 38.5 in all of my Sportiva climbing shoes. Hope this helps!


Peter Szij

posted on 4/5/2017 5:15 AM
Hi Jonathan,

Could you tell me, how is the fit compared to the Miura VS? The velcro version fits my feet pretty well, but the original is a little narrow for me.

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