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Steve House - G2 SM Mountain Boot Review

La Sportiva G2SM Mountain Boot

Video review from La Sportiva athlete Steve House of the G2 SM boot, ideal for ice and mixed climbing...

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Born from a colloborative project with accomplished Italian alpinist Simone Moro, the G2 SM is a lightweight, double boot with a performance-driven design. Watch the video below for a thorough review from La Sportiva mountain athlete Steve House, renowned alpinist in his own rite, for more on the G2 SM's technical features that offer unmatched performance on high altitude ascents. 

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12/12/2017 2:43 PM


Posted in Climbing By Team Sportiva

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Ning-Chia Yeh

posted on 2/9/2018 7:35 AM
What is the smallest size for the G2 SM boots? I noticed that the size 38-40 are out of stock. I am a small female (4'8" and 89lbs) with foot size less than women 5. Koflach Degre size UK4.5 fits me okay. (but never climb with it) If you have equivalent size for me, I would like to order one. I plan to climb Elbrus in August, and possibly climb Aconcagua next year. But prefer a light and warm boots. If G2 SM does not have my size, please offer your suggestions. Thanks.
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