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Colin Haley

Discipline: Climbing Team


I grew up in Seattle, skiing, hiking and climbing in the Cascade Mountains from a young age.

I strive to achieve a decent level of proficiency in all forms of climbing and skiing - It is a tricky balance, that has me slogging up snow slopes at 7,000m one week, and bouldering the next. My forté always has been in climbing technical mountains, and that is still where I am most focused and motivated.

I love the community of the climbing life, and the beautiful landscapes that I get to see, but more than anything else I go to the mountains again and again for the intensity of the experience.



1. First solo ascent of Torre Egger, Patagonia, Argentina
2. First ascent, and later first one-day ascent, of the Torre Traverse, Patagonia, Argentina
3. First solo ascent of the Infinite Spur, in 12.5 hours, Sultana, Alaska
4. First ascent of the Travesía del Oso Buda, Patagonia, Argentina
5. First ascent of the Entropy Wall, Mt. Moffit, Alaska



The Torre Traverse

Bio photo: © Mikey Schaefer  |  Banner photo: © Jon Griffith