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Jared Campbell
Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


There are lessons in life that can only be learned through fairly massive deviations from our normal, comfortable routines. These lessons alter our perspective on life and better equip us to deal with life’s unforeseen challenges. They can sharpen our optimism and generate a deeper appreciation for the simple things in life. I seek out such experiences and look forward to experiencing the way in which they shape my soul.



1. My daughter Phoebe
2. Convincing my wife to marry me
3. Youngest 10x finisher of the Hardrock 100
4. First 3x finisher of the Barkley
5. FKT on the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

Bio photo: © Buzz Burrell  |  Banner photo: © Fredrik Marmsater

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