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Jeff Yoo
Jeff Yoo

Jeff Yoo

Discipline: Climbing Team



I started climbing during medical school as a way to destress. At the time, I didn’t realize climbing would become a life passion and shape my values and identity. A decade of climbing has not only given me a local community of amazing people from all walks of life, but it has also taken me across the world to pursue my vertical passion and to connect with inspiring people that I otherwise never would have crossed paths with. I deeply appreciate that climbing transcends ethnicity, socio-economic status, and religious and political beliefs.

As a climber, I’m continuously pushing my limits in bouldering and sport climbing. As a doctor, I try to give back through teaching, research, and clinical work in the ER. I hope to encourage and inspire climbers who discovered the sport as an adult while juggling various responsibilities.




1. Serving my community as an emergency room doctor
2. Ascents of The Black Council (V11) and The Reckoning (V10) in Squamish, BC
3. Ascents of Indulgence (5.13b) and Little Sister (5.13b)






Banner photo by ®Jake Scharfman and Bio photo by ®David Tam