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Jennilyn Eaton
Jennilyn Eaton

Jennilyn Eaton

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


I believe life is to be lived and opportunities taken - I find that the meaningful moments of life are most eloquent for me in the mountains. A mountain and ridge lover at heart, I am a single mom in the Wasatch front range.



1. Teaching my two boys the passions and balances of the mountains
2. Summiting all 36 Wasatch 11,000ft+ peaks in one month
3. First female completion of WURL (Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link-up)
4. Being told I inspire others to spend time in the mountains, trails, or races
5. Nurturing a group of mountain-inspired local artists
6. Any race, CR, or FKT where I was able to push my limits

Banner photo: © Jason Eichorst

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