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John Gaston
John Gaston

John Gaston

Discipline: Skiing Team


I’m an East Coaster who always knew he’d end up in the mountains. My dad was really into skiing and mountain biking and got my brother and I onto the mountain at a young age, but it wasn’t until attending CU Boulder that the transition from the gravity to endurance side of these sports began taking hold. Since then things have snowballed and I’ve become well acquainted with the art of suffering in the mountains. Continually learning how to travel quicker and more efficiently, summer or winter, has become a focal point of my life. It’s addicting and once you get a taste for the light and fast side of life, it’s hard not to want more. These days I live in Aspen, CO with my beautiful (and patient) wife Katherine and our new baby Will, working for Strafe and “product testing” everyday in the Roaring Fork Valley.



1. Highland Bowl record: 11 laps in 5:49
2. Mt Sopris record: Highway-to-Highway in 3:23
3. 10x National Ski Mountaineering Champion / 5x Aspen Power of Four Champion
4. 11th Vertical and 15th Individual at ISMF World Championship 2017
5. 1st Elk Mountain Grand Traverse 2017, Course Record 6:37


Bio photo: © Tom Zuccareno   |  Banner photo: © Willi Seebacher