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Jonnah Perkins
Jonnah Perkins

Jonnah Perkins

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team



Based in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin with steep, tight valleys and gnarly single-track just a mile out of my front door, trail running took hold of me and hasn’t let go. With an insatiable thirst for adventure, I took my passion for running beyond my backyard and found that my legs can carry me farther and faster than I had ever imagined. Whether I’m running on high alpine trails or shredding on my home turf, La Sportiva has opened me up to the mountain culture that aligns with my wild spirit. As an organic farmer, food activist, and writer, I have learned that my passions for food, adventure and environmentalism are not separate at all.




1. Sharing adventures with my husband, two little kids, and our Siberian Husky
2. Winning Sean O’Brien 50mile, giving me the boldness to push ahead to several other wins and podium finishes in ultra and sub-ultra distance events
3. Farming alongside my family for over a decade to enact real change in our food system
4. Asserting myself as a writer and speaker to bring my mission of a more sustainable food system to a broader audience
5. Shifting my passion for writing into film production to create bridges between the sustainability movement and adventure culture




46 BPM


Photos: © Carrie Highman