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Juliana Price
Juliana Price

Juliana Price

Discipline: Climbing Team



I grew up in a military family, but have called the Colorado Front Range home for the majority of my life. Unlike most of the climbers I know, climbing presented itself later in my life at age 22. At the time, I had been a professional aerial acrobat and spent the bulk of my years traveling or training for shows. Climbing was introduced to me randomly by a friend; and over time, I slowly transitioned from aerial acrobatics to obsessive climber. What I love about climbing is that it’s a sport completely of its’ own. It literally takes gymnastic-like strength and agility on holds that should be impossible to cling to, and combines it with a 3-D human puzzle that wracks your brain. Although the probability of failure is high, reaching the top of a climb not only makes the pain worthwhile, but utterly irresistible and alluring. I also cherish how climbing and the community encourages you to get outside, enjoy all the majestic places there are, and to become a steward of our environments.





1. Reuniting my Hawaiian family after 50 years of separation.
2. Sending V10’s in the Colorado Front Range.
3. Competing for USA Climbing at World Cups in Switzerland, Japan, and Vail.
4. Climbing Choke Hold (V9) in Independence Pass, CO. This was one of my dream boulders when I first started climbing, and I had to wait for years for the right timing and conditions to align.
5. Performing aerial acrobatics professionally around the United States for 5 years.




I'm 5'10" and my wingspan is 6'1" (+3") 


Bio Photo by ®Jahna Pusedu and Header Photo by ®Gian Visciano