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Justin Simoni
Justin Simoni

Justin Simoni

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team



Justin Simoni moved to Colorado to both pursue a degree in Fine Arts and to ride the best skateparks in the country. While haphazardly living in his messy painting studio in Denver, CO, he rediscovered the joys of riding bicycles as an adult and soon got rid of his car entirely to rediscover both the city streets and the mountainous west exclusively via two wheels. 

After many self-powered mis-adventures, including touring Europe and crashing at night in apple orchards, near-death experiences in the backcountry of New Zealand, and racing two, 2,750 mile Canada to Mexico Tour Divide mountain bike races all in his trademark madcap recklessness, Simoni rekindled his childhood obsession with climbing, as well as his family-shared passion for distance running. 

With the same spark of creativity Simoni fostered in his career as a performance artist now becoming an unstoppable blaze for forward motion, he now combines these three mountain disciplines together to creatively construct multi-day and sometimes multi-month self-powered missions to explore the beautiful mountainous public land in Colorado and beyond, while pushing his own limits of endurance and grit.  If there’s a beat-up bicycle found at a far-flung trailhead in Colorado with a handwritten note taped to the handlebars stating , “Leave be - I’lll be back in just a few days - hopefully”, there’s a good chance it’s Simoni’s.





1. 2012: Tour Divide: 2750 mile self-support mountain bike race from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. First to finish on a single speed, 23 days.
2. 2014: Tour 14er: Self-Powered, Self-Supported Grand Tour of Colorado’s 14,000’+ peaks. FKT of 34 days.
3. 2017: Tour of the Highest Hundred: Self-Powered, Self-Supported Grand Tour of the highest 105 Peaks of Colorado. FKT of ~60 days. Unrepeated. 
4. 2018: Mosquito/Tenmile Range Traverse:  87 miles/30,000’+/91 hour unsupported fastpack along the entire Mosquito/Tenmile Range. First known traverse. Unrepeated. 
5. 2019: Sangre de Cristo Range Traverse: 122 miles/53,000’/6 days, 15 hour unsupported fastpack along the ridge of the Sangre de Cristo Range. Unrepeated.





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