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Karsten Delap
Karsten Delap

Karsten Delap

Discipline: Climbing Team



Growing up in Southern Indiana my adventures started at the creaky back door of the farm house and into the surrounding corn fields. As I grew older I ventured further and further from those corn fields, connecting to nature through movement in the terrain. Now the world has become the playground for the adventures. Wether climbing, skiing, running or biking, moving through the world provides the adventures and comraderie that keeps me motivated and feeling alive!


1. Every time I help someone on a rescue or emergency call. This could probably count for all five, but it is a great feeling to help someone in need knowing that the only thing that mattered to them at the time was surviving the next few moments.
2. Hitting a home run my last at-bat in high school (the only one I have ever hit)!
3. Passing my AMGA Alpine Guides exam.
4. Getting letters from clients about how I have helped facilitate a self-sufficient adventure for them.
5. Climbing through pump, freaking out, and whatever else a climb throws at you. It is always my proudest moment at the time. Probably another reason I keep coming back to climbing.

Bio and banner photos: © Austin Schmitz Photography