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Kaytlyn Gerbin
Kaytlyn Gerbin

Kaytlyn Gerbin

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


Kaytlyn is an ultrarunner and bioengineer, who got tricked into starting distance running by enrolling in a 2-credit PE class in college. Thanks to that class she eventually went on to run her first road marathon near her childhood home in Wisconsin. After moving to Seattle for graduate school fell she in love with the trails and mountains in the Pacific Northwest, and quickly got hooked on mountain running, mountaineering, and adventuring. She now fills her early mornings and weekends with adventures in the mountains while training for ultra-distance trail races. Her favorite adventures are those that take her far out into the PNW wilderness on ridgelines, glaciers, and volcanos. Luckily La Sportiva shoes can handle all of that terrain!



1. Improving Western States finishing time by over 2 hours from 2017 to 2018 and from 4th to 2nd female in 2018
2. Setting a new women’s course record and making the overall podium at the 2018 Bear 100
3. Winning the 2016 Pine to Palm 100 (first 100-mile race)
4. Coming home exhausted and grinning after any light-and-fast day in the mountains (favorites: Mt Rainier and Glacier Peak in a weekend, Timberline and Loowit trails in a weekend, Mt Olympus in a day)
5. Balancing my athletic goals and training with a full-time career as a bioengineer




47-53 (it went up while thinking about how to answer this question!)



Bio and banner photos: © Ely Gerbin

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