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Kristina Folcik
Kristina Folcik

Kristina Folcik

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


I am a free spirit who loves adventure and the mountains. Mountain running has taken me on so many beautiful adventures with friends, my husband and my trail pups. I only have once chance at living this life and I choose to do as much as I can before I die including standing on top of the high point of all 50 states. My life has never been easy and I don't think I would want it any other way. Everything is much more meaningful when you have to work hard to have it.



1. Putting myself through 4 years of college while working 7 jobs at once and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in science and an incredible career in Dental Hygiene. I work in the best dental office ever and absolutely love what I do!
2. Entering the Vermont 50 mile trail race many years ago as a joke with maybe 60 miles of running for the entire year leading up to the race and finishing before the cutoff. I couldn't walk for a week after but once I could walk again I signed up for another “stupid human feat.”
3. Climbing Denali in 2010 and being in such good shape that I came home from the 19 day climb and 7 days after standing on top of North America I finished the Nipmuck trail marathon.
4. The first time I won a trail race which was the Virgil Crest 50 mile. That win motivated me to train for running and with the help of my coach Jack Pilla have had several podium finishes and FKT's since 2010.
5. Buying a home in the White Mountains that not only has an amazing mountain view but has trails right out the door into the best mountain running in the country! To make it even more awesome my husband and I have decided to raise our own food and have a massive vegetable garden, flower garden, 3 pigs, 8 turkeys, 75 chickens, 6 ducks, 10 guinea fowl and multiple fruit and berry trees. I have even started making my own lotions, lip balm, jams and kombucha! Farming has always been a dream for us and to finally make it happen feels so good! When I retire in 13 years from dental hygiene I plan to become a farmer. I hope to educate people on the importance of supporting local small farms and to encourage people to try their hand at raising their own food.

Bio and banner photos: © Jay Philbrick

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