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Maria Dalzot

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


Running has been my passion ever since I was a little girl. I love the pursuit of finding out what I am capable of physically and mentally. I am also a registered dietitian (RD) and a Washington State certified dietitian-nutritionist (CDN) with a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and food science. I work with people of all ages and disciplines to meet their performance and health goals.



1. Winning the 2014 National Trail Half Marathon Championship in my hometown
2. Placing 18th overall and winning team silver at the 2015 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship in Zermatt, Switzerland
3. A surprise win at the 2011 NACAC Mountain Running Championship in Ajijic, Mexico
4. A scoring member of a 9th place NCAA DI Cross Country Team (West Virginia University)
5. Creating the life I have always wanted and living the dream every day



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