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Mike Doyle

Discipline: Climbing Team


I grew up in Kelowna, moved to Vancouver for University and currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas is the best city for year round climbing, no question. I work full time as a Software Developer so I'm really just a weekend warrior. Having an abundance of rock around to choose from each weekend makes it easier to get through the week. 



1. Redpointed Pulse, 5.14a - first 5.14 in 1998, 20 years ago!
2. First ascent of Lucifer, 5.14c at the Red River Gorge in 2006
3. Hardest Ascent: Necessary Evil, 5.14c, Virgin River Gorge in 2015
4. Flashed Millenium, 5.14a, Maple Canyon in 2002
5. Hopefully another 5.14c in 2018 :)

Bio photo: © Patrick Olson  |  Banner photo: © Mike Laurin