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Pamela Shanti Pack
Pamela Shanti Pack

Pamela Shanti Pack

Discipline: Climbing Team


My reasons for climbing are continuously evolving, but my reasons for climbing offwidth in particular are unchanging. Persevering through the physical and emotional demands placed by offwidth enables me to explore, or experience, spaces - mental and physical - where other people do not want to or cannot go.

I am also endlessly inspired by the additional challenge of determining how to move my body efficiently through these particularly mysterious and perplexing spaces - they allow for unlimited creativity and imagination. And after seven years, and more than 15,000 feet of wide cracks I am still as passionate about offwidth as ever.

Missoula, Montana is home, but I spend the majority of the year climbing in the Utah desert.



A few of my favorite trad offwidth FAs:
​1. FA “G​abriel” (5.13c) ​
2. FA “Forever War” (5.13 R)
​3. FA ​“Spatial Relations” (5.13a)
​4. FA “A​merican Horror Story” (5.13a R/X​​​)​
​5. FA ​“M​alice in Wonderland” (5.12a R/X)
​6. FA “The Soul Assassin” (5.12+ R)


Bio photo: © John Evans  |  Banner photo: © Jon Glassberg