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Teal Dreher
Teal Dreher

Teal Dreher

Discipline: Climbing Team



I was a very unathletic youth, so when I found climbing in my mid-20’s it changed my whole perception about myself. I have learned so much from climbing, including how to try really f*$#ing hard, which is a lesson that has brought me success in other parts of my life as well, including my career and relationships. I’m so thankful for how climbing has changed my life, the people I have met through climbing, and the beautiful places I have seen because of this crazy sport! I am a full-time environmental engineer, so I’m always trying to strike the balance between striving to improve at climbing and making sure no other parts of my life get too neglected. Bouldering is where my heart is, but I also dabble in the other disciplines from time to time.




1. Finding a way to keep progressing in climbing while maintaining a full-time career as an engineer, which sometimes includes 60+ hour work weeks.
2. Climbing V10 boulders in Squamish, Bishop, and Leavenworth.
3. Climbing 5.13 in Wyoming and Washington… this felt like way more effort than doing a hard boulder!




My ape index is -1 ¼ inches!