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Zachary White
Zachary White

Zachary White

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team



Zach got his first real introduction into mountaineering in the Pacific North West. By the end of his first season he had bagged most of the peaks in the area and set his sights on international summits. He then went on to run ultra-marathon adventure races to get his mind and body stronger for higher and more challenging peaks. He's been skiing since he could walk and when he's not mountaineering you can find him surfing, cycling, running, golfing, scuba diving, swimming, or planning for the next expedition.

While working a professional career, Zach takes advantage of any and all team building and leadership trainings he can get his hands on. He thrives off working in teams both in professional environments and on the mountain!




1. Placing first in my first ultra-marathon and 2nd in my second ultra-marathon (50 mile and 100 mile respectively)
2. Finding the balance between a professional work life and one that fits my personal goals to be a stronger climber and leader in the mountains
3. Achieving Ironman All World Athlete silver status in my first year of triathlon, having no previous experience in triathlon
4. Paying my way through college while simultaneously figuring out how to travel to 30+ countries to hike, surf, climb, and adventure
5. Sharing what knowledge I've learned with friends and family so we can share more amazing experiences together




50 bmp


Photo by ®Parker Tikson