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Slaydies in Mallorca - Photo Recap


Slaydies try hard, make puns, and encourage one another. Video and photo recap from Slaydies in Spain...

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Last fall, La Sportiva climbing athletes Margo Hayes, Paige Claassen and Emily Harrington rendez-voused in Spain to explore Mallorca's limestone sport routes and legendary deep water soloing. During their time together, the trio of slaydies climbed hard, and laughed harder. Watch the video recap from the trip, and scope photos of the world class climbing Mallorca has to offer. 


You don't have to be a pro to be a Slady...need proof? We asked you to show us your favorite #slaydies using the hashtag:


Slaydies in Mallorca - Photo Recap

Margo Hayes climbing in Mallorca

Margo Hayes demonstrates an 'Ernest Stemmingway' —one of the many climbing puns the slaydies laughed about during their time in Mallorca, while working "Reikiavik Energy" (5.14d/9a).

Paige Claassen staying composed

Paige Claassen works up a beautiful swath of Spanish limestone, "Chulita" (8c). What you don't see are the thick clouds that encompassed the wall all day, creating a dramatic backdrop that soaked the wall and the photographers, Tara Kerzhner and Colette McInerney, who hung on fixed lines to document Paige, Emily, and Margo. At times, the climbers on the ground couldn't even see Tara and Colette, obscured by the clouds and humidity.  

Emily Harrington getting extended

 Emily Harrington shows that reach is no excuse by spanning her 5'2'' frame on the crux of "Chulita" (8c).

Emily Harrington deep water soloing in the Maverink

 Emily Harrington puts the Maverink to the test, showing no fear while attempting the deep water solo route,"Ejector Seat" (7c) at Cova del Diablo. 

Margo Hayes mapping out her sequence

You know that saying for mullets, business in the front, party in the back? The same principle applies when you're a "slady" —business on the rock, party on the ground. Here, Margo gets down to business on "Humanoide" (8a+).

Emily, Paige and Margo explore the climbing and culture in Mallorca, Spain.

While viewers saw Emily, Margo, and Paige in front of the camera, Tara Kerzhner and Colette McInerney completed the slaydies dynamic quintet, working tirelessly to document the beauty of Mallorca and small moments that made the trip so memorable. 

Video and Photos: © Tara Kerzhner

You don't have to be a pro to be a Slady...need proof? We asked you to show us your favorite #slaydies using the hashtag:

3/12/2018 7:00 AM
Posted in Climbing Community By Team Sportiva

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