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Chelsea Rude
Chelsea Rude

Chelsea Rude

Discipline: Climbing Team


I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where I started climbing, however I was actually born in Gunnison, CO and lived in Boulder for a while as a little girl. My parents would see the climbers in the canyons and say ‘those people are crazy.’  Fast forward 8 or so years and that’s what I was doing…climbing was my first true passion. My first pair of climbing shoes were the La Sportiva Kaukulator’s - an old school stiff high top - I sure loved them. La Sportiva has been with me since the beginning - on my very first outdoor climb at age 11, my first indoor competition, my first 5.10, first 5.11…all the way to my hardest sport route, 5.14b, to date, and my first ice climb. They’ve been with me through all of my firsts in climbing and to me that makes our relationship all that more special. Thanks La Sportiva for making a product that I can believe in.



1. Summiting The Nose of El Cap (my first big wall) at 15 years old - and on a side note...I was too shy to pee on the wall so I held it for about 24 hours and I didn’t pee myself :)
2. Climbing Bridal Veil Falls in one 100m pitch my first year ice climbing
3. Being part of the USA Climbing Team for 13 years
4. Clipping the chains on my first 5.14b in Rifle, CO because it was a route that highlighted all of my weaknesses
5. The moment I realized that all of my non-successes are cumulating to make me a stronger person, both in climbing and in life

Bio photo: © D. Scott Clark  |  Banner photo: © Jensen Walker